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Working With Me

As human beings we can learn to make different choices that heal us and lead to more freedom, creativity and peace in our lives.

I draw on over 20 years of past experience within the NHS & my own private practice, to work in ways which are sympathetic to the whole person  - embracing mind, body, emotion and spirit. By helping you to develop greater self awareness and tune in to all aspects of your being, my ultimate objective is to empower you!

One To One
For Individuals

I offer face to face and online sessions for those who wish to work one to one. I have worked with adults facing a wide range of challenges.

Mind & Body Workshops

I offer body
 workshops which are suitable for both individuals and professionals.

One To One &
Group Support
For Professionals

I offer face to face and online facilitation, training and support for professionals with a group and individual context.

What My Clients Say About Me

'From my first session, Liz's warm, open and honest approach made me feel totally at ease. Her unique approach focuses on really getting to the root of the issue, as opposed to just surface level coping strategies'


"There is a spiritual depth in our supervisory relationship that grounds me in my own truth, so I always feel safe to learn and grow and be challenged without a need to defend myself. I always know whole heartedly that Liz has total faith in me and my approach and this is something I deeply value in my work as a psychotherapist."


"Working with Liz has been a key part of my healing journey, helping me to build confidence, awareness, and uncover the stories being held in my body. It really has been life changing - mentally and emotionally, I have never felt better"


'I started working with Liz nine years ago and I can honestly say that I feel so supported and able to bring my true self to supervision that I cannot imagine working with anyone else. Not only is Liz intuitive and insightful, she totally 'knows her stuff', she is wise and experienced, grounded and authentic"


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